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Run Android on Laptop/Netbook November 18, 2011

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Hey..Ever wonder that you can actually run the android on your laptop? Yes it is possible.

You will be needing a USB Flash drive with minimum 256 MB storage size and make sure all the data is deleted inside.

To make it easier I will be explain it step-by-step

Get any USB Flash drive with minimum 256 MB empty storage

Step 2:
Download the Android .iso from

Step 3:

Once step 2 is done now download the software UNetbootin from and install/run it

Step 4:

Now run the software UNetbootin click the bullet beside Diskimage, then click the “… “ button and select the Android ISO file you just downloaded. Finally, select the correct flash drive or memory card in the menu on the bottom, and click Ok


The software will extract and copy the files into your USB making it boot-able

Step 5

Once extracted the software will ask you to reboot the system , Restart the system and make sure that system is configured to boot from USB


Enjoy the power of a super FAST mobile OS running on a laptop. although it not too stable but still worth trying. Do not need to worry about messing up with your existing system setting as its running directly from USB, Someday it will surely replace LIVE Distros !

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