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Asterisk IVR- Findme FollowMe February 23, 2010

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Here is the easy configuration of setting up and simple IVR with FindME FollowME service. I will be explaining this quick and Im assuming that people reading this will have some prior basic knowledge of Asterisk


I have on USA DID purchased from virtualphone and they gave me the configuration required to be done on my Asterisk my task is to put an IVR on that DID so that when ever someone calls the call should be entertained first with an IVR and for example if someone press 1 for sales and no one responded then the call should automatically ring on other available extension of the sales if all the sales does not pick up in this case the call should be routed to the head of sales mobile phone and if even the Head doesnt picks up the phone call will be going to VoiceMail.


1. Asterisk Server

2. One DID number from any provider

3. One termination account to configure outgoing sip trunk

Step1: Install the asterisk

Step 2: Configure the configuration of the DID service provider in your Sip.conf here is my example

host=x.x.x.x (IP of your DID service provider)
context=my-ivr ( We will use this context in extensions.conf)
;Disable canreinvite if you are behind a NAT

Step 3: Lets add a SIP Trunk to  terminate IVR calls to Public Network over IP. I used Blue-face account. We will do the same configuration in sip.conf










Step 4: Now the last step is we will add dialplan in the extensions.conf
Exten => s,1,Answer
Exten => s,2,Wait(1)
Exten => s,3,Background(ivr) ==> IVR is the name of the file
Exten => s,4,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=5)
Exten => s,5,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=5)
Exten => 1,1,Dial(SIP/224,10,tr) => here press 1 for Support first extension 224 will ring for 10 and after that if will automatically go to extension 225 and so on
Exten => 1,2,Dial(SIP/225,10,tr)
Exten => 1,3,Dial(SIP/222,10,tr)
Exten => 1,4,Dial(SIP/00191xxxxxxxx@blue-face,10,tr)  => If no one picks on the sip extensions system will try to dial the mobile number using the SIP trunk we configured above
Exten => 1,5,VoiceMail(555,u) => As a last hop the call will goto the VoiceMail
Exten => 2,1,Dial(SIP/112,10,tr)
Exten => 2,2,Dial(SIP/113,10,tr)
Exten => 2,3,Dial(SIP/114,10,tr)
Exten => 2,4,Dial(SIP/00191xxxxxxxx@blue-face,10,tr)
Exten => 2,5,VoiceMail(555,u)
Exten => 3,1,Dial(SIP/333,10,tr)
Exten => 3,2,Dial(SIP/444,10,tr)
Exten => 3,3,Dial(SIP/00191xxxxxxxx@blue-face,10,tr)
Exten => 3,4,VoiceMail(555,u)
Exten => 4,1,Dial(SIP/444,10,tr)
Exten => s,6,Dial(SIP/00191xxxxxxxx/20)
Exten => i,1,Goto,my-ivr|s|1
Exten => t,1,Goto,my-ivr|s|1
Exten => h,1,Hangup()
Step 5: Reload the Asterisk and try to make a call on your DID
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me directly daredevilz1@hotmail.com
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2. hoodia gordonii - February 24, 2010

I couldnt understand certain points of this post, but I assume I only need to learn a bit more regarding

3. Aviraj Dhanure - August 17, 2011

Thanx for that but when we want to set time stamp with that how it possible….

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